In today’s world, due to increased need of global communication and use of various technologies, Internet has become most prominent and crucial component of communication infrastructure, all businesses whether a large company, an emerging business, a start-up or freelancer, require the fast, reliable and secure Internet access that will give its employees, partners, customers the ability to operate seamlessly in a world where information sharing is a critical application.

Home Broadband Service

Home Broadband Service

We provide best broadband deals for your home whether it is to download movies, playing games online, work from home or simply surf online for several hours etc. Cost effective packages available as per your needs be it monthly, quarterly or annual packages etc. Now enjoy high speed internet at home at an affordable rate.

Business Broadband Service

Business Broadband Service

Be it small enterprise or big corporate, Asha Net provides broadband service for your business. We even offer dedicated leased line to enable you to send huge amounts of data. We have several services that suit the requirements of different clients where we can customize your internet plan as per your business requirements.

About Us

Our Aim is to be customer’s first choice for Internet and Cable connection.

Asha Net was set up in 2003 and has provided an incomparable world class TV viewing & broadband experience to every customer. We are one of the best cable television and broadband service provider in Vasai region and Palghar district.

Our services include:

  • Wired broadband – We provide you with Wired broadband Solutions for both single as well as multiple users. We surpass other internet service providers by delivering high speed internet service that is 10 times faster than the speeds of dialup connections! Now downloading heavy files at office or streaming videos at home is faster and better.
  • Wireless broadband with Wi-Fi Router – If you are tried with dangling cables from your laptop or desktop, then Wireless broadband is best for you. Use Wi-Fi on multiple technology at once be it your mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc.
  • Cable TV with Set top box – Watch HD channel. More than 300 channels available.

“We are one stop solution for all your profession communication and home entertainment needs.”

Our Plans

Unlimited Plans 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 15 Months Days
10 Mbps 500 1250 2300 4000 450 Days
20 Mbps 650 1770 3310 6500 450 Days
30 Mbps 1460 3770 7150 9500 450 Days
50 Mbps 1700 4500 8000 14500 450 Days
100 Mbps 3500 9500 18500 25000 360 Days

FTTH services 1000 charges

Installation Charges are applicable according to plan

Wiring charges are applicable for shifting also

Office time 10:30 to 8:00pm for complain and enquiry Sunday 10:30 to 6:00pm

*Terms and Conditions: Payment once made is no-refundable

Above Amount is in Rupees

Contact Us

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